Symbols of the Past, Present and Future

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Calle Betances and Calle Alto De Cuba B Yauco, (El Cerro) Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Gamaliel Ramirez

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Gamaliel Ramirez

About the mural, this wall painting takes you on a tour of Puerto Rico’s history via Yauco’s Cultural heritage, by means of pictographs of Taino natives and the majestic Puerto Rican Parrot as well as one of the oldest residence to the island the Sea Turtles and the enchanted Coquis, Amapola and the Flamboyan tree. The mural is adorned with flowers, cranes, butterflies and plantains trees and in the back ground Yauco water falls and its river from its famous White Water neighborhood, last but not least the mural goes on to depict its world-famous coffee tree and its process, and finally the mural features El Cerro and it some of its multicultural inhabitants and of course its now world-famous colorful houses.

Published: April 14, 2012 at 5:25 pm

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