Bergerson Terrace Mural

Bergerson Terrace Mural

Mural Approximate Location:
5301 S Orchard Tacoma Washington United States

Dotson, Rachael, Joni Joachims, Jeremy Gregory

Photography Submitted By: 
Ivan Golovkin

Mural is located next to a playground by the Tacoma Housing Authority’s Bergerson Terrace. Imagery inspired by creative play of and input from youth residents. Part of the Tacoma Murals Project.

Lead artists: Rachael Dotson, Joni Joachims, Jeremy Gregory
Artist team: Liza A Brown, Kate Cendejas, Brian Hutcheson, David Long, Mary McFarland, Laura Ospital, Chelsea O’Sullivan, Natalie Oswald, Yvette Simone, Shannon Wallace, Janice Lee Warren

Published: November 30, 2012 at 6:42 pm

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