Dragon Tunnel Mural

Dragon Tunnel

Mural Approximate Location:
Vättelösavägen,  Götene Sweden

Ezequiel Frias

Photography Submitted By: 
Anna Viola Hallberg

Statement: “The experience of the underpass was great for me because it made me meet the young people from Götene that are motivated in doing something funny and interesting in their town. Later on, the same kids helped me out in the production of the other mural (ICA, Universal Communication). I had a great experience during these 3 weeks. I learned many things about Sweden: ideology, lifestyles and social problems, and now I have so many new ideas to bring back to my country and teach to others. To learn about the differences between our two countries had something very inspirational. When Ann-Sofie Andersson (City of Götene) showed me this spot, I thought that it would be important do something interesting for the children that pass by everyday, something special, something about fantasy, something that transforms this gray and boring structure.” (E.F. July 2012)

Size: 11 meter x 2 + 5×11 ceiling
Date: May-June 2012
Artists: Ezequiel Frias & Daniel Broman, (and with local young artists, See Götene Crew Dragon Tunnel/Draktunneln)
Project images:

Published: November 30, 2012 at 7:00 pm

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