Universal Communication

Universal Communication

Mural Approximate Location:
Annagatan 1 Götene Sweden

Ezequiel Frias

Photography Submitted By: 
Anna Viola Hallberg

Statement: “This was one of the most important works of my life because the meaning and concept behind the painting is very precious to me. This wall is located in an important spot in Götene (Götene Centrum) and required a lot of responsibility. I found it incredible that the swedish people accepted my idea of (Universal Communications) because it had previously been declined in my country. I could share with 5 kids from Götene, Sweden and 1 great artist of Minnesota, United States, Dan Broman. The experience of painting such a great mural and interact with local kids, talk about so many funny things and exchange in order to return intellectualy richer to my country. It was a beautiful experience to be the coordinator of a project outside of my own country.” (E.F. 2012)

Artists: Ezequiel Frias & Daniel Broman (and with local young artists, See Götene Crew Annagatan)
Size: TBA cm
Technique: Acrylic on concrete
Location: Annagatan, Central Götene
Date: June 2012

Published: December 1, 2012 at 11:35 am

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