What is Mural Locator?

Mural Locator is a online geo-location database of information about the murals arts. The purpose of Mural Locator is to provide people with a central resource to find murals and to connect artists, art organizations, and people who appreciate the mural arts.

How can I go about documenting murals in my community?

All you need to document murals in your community is a camera and a computer to upload the mural to Mural Locator. First take a photo of the mural. Next document the street address or latitude and longitude coordinates. Then try to document the artist and mural information. Last simply fill out the submit mural form to Mural Locator. Please be sure that the photo belongs to you and you own the copyright to the photo or your have permission from the owner of the photo.

What qualifies as a mural on Mural Locator?

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.

What is white washing?

White Washing is the erasing of a mural or art piece. To white wash is to primarily erase and remove the culture of a town or a community.

Can I add my own Murals to Mural Locator?

Yes uploading murals to Mural Locator is open to anyone who wants to show the world there greatest and newest mural. If your painting is really amazing the staff at Mural Locator will feature your work.

How can Mural Locator help my mural project or art organization?

Mural Locator is dedicated to helping to promote mural artists and the Mural arts. If you like for us to promote your effort please send us a press release or event info and we may show it on Mural Locator.

Does Mural Locator give mural tours?

At this time we do not offer any Mural Tour but we do have a map which you can do your own self-guided tours.

What do I need to do to become a writer for Mural Locator?

We are always looking for enthusiastic writers who appreciate the mural arts. If you like to write for Mural Locator please contact us. This is a voluntary position.