StreetARToronto New Submission Deadline

StreetARToronto has announced a new date for submissions for the StreetARToronto Program.

“Despite the extensive and co-ordinated effort, StreetARToronto recognize that in this transition year, some of you may not have been aware of the full scope of the program and the accompanying deadlines. As a result, they have decided to have a second cycle of submissions. Should you be unable to meet the April 30 deadline, a second grant deadline has been created. The deadline for the second cycle of submissions is 4:30pm, Wednesday, May 23. Please keep in mind that Council approval for the May 23 deadline takes place at the end of July meaning that should your project receive approval, you would be notified then. Completion of all projects remains the same – October 26, 2012.”

StreetARToronto or StART (formally known as the Graffiti Transformation Program) is a new, pro-active program originating out of the Graffiti Management Plan and administered by the Public Realm Section of the Transportation Services Division.

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Published: April 26, 2012 at 9:45 am

Post By: Mural Locator

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